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Video Guide

Fresh Canadian Lamb video (2007):

  • (17) engaging instructional video clips featuring master chef-butcher Robert Miller fabricating a lamb carcass into a full range of quality-assured primal and sub-primal cuts
  • Shot on-location at The Culinary Institute of Canada (Holland College) with ewe lamb carcasses from Flat River Farms, PEI.

Chef Miller's craft is subtly demonstrated with clean knife-work that brings out the best of Canadian lamb in taste and presentation. Recommended viewing for culinary students, chefs, butchers, retailers, restaurateurs, producers, and any fan of fresh-cut lamb!

Also available in DVD format (85 min.)

The Primal & Sub-primal Cuts: THE DRESSED LAMB CARCASS

Foreshank and Breast
(approx. 3:53)
Primal Shoulder, Whole Loin & Rack, Primal Leg
(approx. 5:38)
Square-cut Shoulder, Whole Loin & Split Rack
(approx. 2:26)
Prepared cuts: THE SHOULDER

Boneless Shoulder Roast
(approx. 7:33)
Shoulder Chops
(approx. 3:15)
Prepared cuts: THE RACK

Basic Rack and Frenched Rack
(approx. 5:55)
Long-bone Rack
(approx. 4:34)
Prime Loin Cuts from Rack
(approx. 4:45)
Prepared cuts: THE LOIN

Loin and Leg, Double Loin Chop
(approx. 1:56)
Double Boneless Loin-eye Roast
(approx. 6:26)
Loin Chops, Boneless Steaks, Tenderloin
(approx. 6:44)
Prepared cuts: THE LEG

Semi-boneless Frenched Long Leg
(approx. 7:09)
Boneless Long Leg
(approx. 3:11)
Short Leg, Boneless Sirloin Steaks
(approx. 3:49)
Centre-sliced Steaks, Shank and Heel
(approx. 3:53)

Flank and Foreshank
(approx. 3:53)
Prepared cuts: THE OFFAL

Kidneys, Heart, Liver
(approx. 7:34)

Produced for the Canadian Sheep Federation by
The Culinary Institute of Canada, Holland College, Charlottetown, PEI
David Harding, Program Manager
Robert Miller, Chef Instructor
and Richard Davies, Sheep Farmer (Flat River Farms) and Food Safety Consultant

Moses Media (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island)
Jason Rogerson, Joey Weale

Rooney Productions (Lac-des-Loups, Quebec)
Oren Hercz, Chris Rompré

Qu'anglo Communications and Consulting
Marley Parker, Peter MacGibbon, Hugh Maynard

With financial assistance from Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada