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Fresh Canadian Lamb is for lamb producers, grocery retailers, and food-service professionals across Canada. This is your resource site for preparing and merchandising lamb products for sale and consumption. Here you will find the information and resources you need to promote Canadian lamb as a versatile and easy-to-prepare product - one that is marketable to consumers as a healthy and delicious choice for everyday meals.

The site provides specific tools that you can adapt for regional use to increase the awareness and recognition of the role of Canadian lamb in Canada's retail and food-service industries. It is organized into three sections:

  • Preparing Canadian lamb products
  • Merchandizing Canadian lamb in the retail and food service sectors
  • Canadian lamb industry information and resources

Each section contains multimedia materials - photo images, charts, labels, recipe cards - that can be downloaded for use 'as-is', or adapted for regional product-branding and distribution distribution (by inserting your provincial association's own logo, for example).

Fresh Canadian Lamb is your site to use. Explore its tools and resources designed to help send key messages throughout the industry and to consumers about the value, benefits, and enjoyment of this Canadian product.

View a clip here from the Fresh Canadian Lamb video guide for butchering a dressed lamb carcass into fine cuts of meat.

You'll find it well worth it!